Equinox Communications Delivers PCI Compliant Solution

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BRENTWOOD, TN — June 23, 2014 — Equinox Communications a leading provider of facility and cloud-based security and networking solutions and subsidiary of Equinox Five, today announced the national launch of EquinoxSecure, a suite of solution offerings that simplifies PCI compliance for merchants.  The EquinoxSecure solution includes a PCI network appliance, which is a managed firewall/VPN security appliance available on the EquinoxSecure network. With multi-megabit throughput, ten fast Ethernet ports supporting VLAN standards and embedded 3G/4G wireless, the EquinoxSecure appliance is an excellent solution for remote retail locations, branch offices of large distributed enterprises, and any environment requiring PCI, HIPAA, GLBA or other regulatory compliance.

“With our EquinoxSecure network, enterprises no longer need to deploy multiple devices at each business location to deliver all of their networking, security and 3G or 4G LTE wireless access services,” says Scott Raymer, CEO of Equinox Five.  “EquinoxSecure eliminates the need for businesses to buy and deploy expensive on-premise security and wireless access equipment from multiple vendors that is complex to integrate, time-consuming to manage and upgrade, and quickly becomes outdated. Additionally, most wireless devices use a USB external modem, which can easily be stolen or is subject to tampering. EquinoxSecure embedded 3G and 4G LTE wireless capability provides greater protection against theft of network access devices.  Our EquinoxSecure appliance can be installed and working in less than 30 minutes for most enterprises.”

Complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), adopted by payment brands such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express to prevent fraud, is imperative for any merchant that stores, processes or transmits credit card information. That includes everyone from the smallest “mom and pop” stores to the largest international retail and restaurant chains.

For IT solution providers, the task of implementing the necessary technology infrastructure and application solutions to meet security and PCI compliance requirements can be daunting, especially if their clients are multi-site businesses such as convenience stores, retail specialty chains and restaurants. Many merchants are not taking the actions necessary to make certain that credit card information is secure.

Solution Suite

A comprehensive solution suite means less complexity. Merchants and enterprises must address four critical areas of security to become PCI compliant: Firewall, Wireless IDS, Secure VPN, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Addressing each of these needs individually with point solutions drives greater complexity, ultimately slows overall compliance efforts and places greater burdens on the IT staff.  A comprehensive solution eliminates integration of point solutions, on-going operation and maintenance of multiple point solutions, and management of multiple vendors.

The EquinoxSecure PCI service delivers a security and compliance solution more rapidly with better ability to grow with the merchant and enterprise’s needs. It also provides protection from obsolescence, because it’s not dependent on specific customer hardware, and will evolve more rapidly with ever changing security requirements and threat environment. Deploying a comprehensive, cloud-based solution suite can result in dramatic cost savings of 80 percent on the initial costs of deployment / implementation and 70 percent on on-going costs of operation and maintenance over the life of the solution.  


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